CV writing tips optical jobs

How do you ensure your CV is a true reflection of you and your skill set, and make you stand out from the crowd?

We have seen loads of CVs at MBR Dental! Here’s our 8 top tips for getting it right:

  1. Keep it short – maximum 2 sides of A4.
  2. Keep it concise – you will have an opportunity to go into your work history in more detail at interview.
  3. Keep it simple – no crazy fonts, boxes, borders or fancy tables. These may not show correctly on different software versions. Some recruitment agencies may need to adapt your CV to fit a template and formatted CVs can be fiddly.
  4. Keep it positive – highlight your work achievements and strengths, and try not to use cliches.
  5. Keep it honest – no embellishments or incorrect information.
  6. Keep it relevant – tailor your CV to the job you are applying for.
  7. Keep it accessible – word or PDF format is best.
  8. And lastly – PROOF-READ! Spelling and grammar are just as important as presentation and content.

How to present your CV:

Lead with your personal information; name, address, phone number(s) and email.

Follow with a statement i.e. a brief overview of who you are, your current work situation and what you are looking for. Use this section to explain why you would be perfect for the job on offer.

Detail your work experience in chronological order (most recent first); dates worked, company name and your job title.

List your achievements and accomplishments, in order that prospective employers can see that you have the relevant skill set and experience to fit their role.

List your education and qualifications; dates, qualifications received and grades. Put the most relevant qualifications first.

If your hobbies and interests display an important skill such as leadership or teamwork, then include this at the end of your CV.

First impressions count so it’s vital to ensure employers can immediately see you as the right candidate for them.

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